Swift Eagle was founded in 2004 by nineteen longtime Eagle County friends. It began in response to a dream of David Haakenson’s, directing him to give back to the community by starting a charitable foundation whose purpose would be to swiftly help those in crisis in Eagle County. When he finally shared the dream with his closest group of friends, there was no hesitation on anyone’s part. They all contributed what would become annual dues, set up guidelines and applied for a nonprofit foundation tax status.

For David, the dream had an amazing connection to his childhood friend, Phil Jackson, former coach of the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers, and the winningest NBA coach of all time. While a player in the NBA for the New York Knicks, Phil gave basketball clinics in South Dakota on the Lakota Indian Reservation. Because of the unique wing-like spread of his arms when guarding his opponents, he was given the name Ounacho Wambli, which means Swift Eagle in Lakota. David shared the story with Phil, and he, a believer in the karma of dreams, agreed to be Swift Eagle’s figurehead and honorary chairman.

Swift Eagle has left the field of dreams to become a reality, an integral and respected arm of the county’s service nonprofits. As a grass roots organization, it appeals to and is strongly supported by those who live and work here.

OUR MISSION: To provide swift financial assistance to Eagle County residents for living and personal expenses during times of crisis or hardship.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Our common ground is friendship and a love of the valley in which we live. We believe in community giving back to community; friends taking care of friends and in the power of individuals to help one another. We are a 100% volunteer organization and 100% of what we raise goes directly to people in need (less just a tiny bit for stamps and insurance). We do not doubt that a small group of people can make a difference. With your help we know we can.


David Haakenson, President Chris Boles Stewart Eves Debby McClenahan
John Boles, VP John Boles Hawkeye Flaherty Craig Snowdon
Pat Hamilton, Executive Director, Ralph Dockery Jean Flaherty Ginny Snowdon
Cathy Dockery, Secretary Chris Eklund Pat Hamilton Doug Talbot
Valerie Wegert, Treasurer Pelle Eklund Fred Haslee Jody Talbot
Susan Eves Lorraine Haslee Darell Wegert